Integrated Design Services

At OCON Built, we understand how daunting a build can be, and we have identified some key areas where our clients appreciate additional support. Design concerns can impact on the enjoyment of a build, and it is our goal to alleviate as many pressures as possible.

Developed through this desire to provide strong support, we are pleased to introduce our collaboration with Hello White Interiors. Helena and Kellie from Hello White join us to provide a personalised Interior Design service, built into every OCON Built project.

With over 14 years combined industry experience and qualifications, along with extensive customer service experience, Helena and Kellie will ensure that the design process of your home is as simple and stress free as possible. 

When working with OCON Built, Helena & Kellie will be available in the pre-construction phase for a free 90-minute consultation to ascertain your vision and style. This can take place in your home with a room-by-room walk through, or at the Hello White studio.

From our extensive building experience, we believe that this will provide the opportunity to identify potential variations early on, avoiding stress and unplanned costs where possible. The Hello White team can also assist with selection of colour schemes, products and finishes, providing advice and suggestions with design led attention to detail. 

“Our priority is to simplify the selection process for the client and help stay on time and on budget, all while still achieving a beautiful home and exceeding our clients’ expectations. We work with the client to support them in the areas OCON have asked us to assist with and ensure that we are involved at a level that is comfortable for each individual client. We pride ourselves on being approachable, detailed and ensuring the spaces we work on are long lasting.”

Throughout the build phase, Hello White can provide mood boards and physical samples, with the option to retain the team for the duration of your project.

“Our consultations are about our clients, understanding them and ensuring everyone leaves feeling excited. We pride ourselves on being approachable, detailed and ensuring the spaces we work on are beautiful and designed to last.”

OCON Built, together with Hello White, are ready to support you in your project.


IMAGES: 1. Helena and Kellie at The Living Room, Hobart. 2. Sample Flat lay. 3. Kellie and Helena making selections at The Living Room, Hobart.    4-7. Helena and Kellie making selections at Beaumont Tiles, Hobart

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