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At OCON Built we are passionate about building energy efficient and sustainable homes. With Passive House accreditation from the Passivhaus Institut in Germany, we are committed to the principles of the International Passive House standard, providing modern building solutions suited to the Tasmanian climate. Certified as a Passive House Tradesperson, our Director Nathan is passionate about providing high quality, innovative and functional building solutions with a focus on sustainability and energy efficiency. 

Passive House homes are built with a focus on the core values of insulation, efficiency, comfort, and ventilation. In a Passive home the use of purposeful insulation and consideration of thermal mass leads to a more sustainable, efficient, green home. 

Our latest project, nestled under the stunning backdrop of kunyani/Mount Wellington in South Hobart, packs a sustainable punch boasting beautiful, rammed earth walls, and plenty of energy efficient solutions.

This modern, timber clad home was designed by local architects Green Design with a firm direction to creating a sustainable and beautiful home.

The brief from the owner was for an accessible low impact building which considers the retention of native vegetation, bushfire concerns, accessibility, and minimal interference with the surrounding bushland.

“Estimated at 8 Stars, it is a low energy building built from local materials (where possible) and with timber utilised throughout (for carbon storage). It also features argon filled double glazing, the building members are permeable, and condensation is being prevented by best practice construction. The building sits on a small footprint and has the option of being dismantled for recycling or re-use in the future.”
– Uta Green, Green Design.  

The owner of Jubilee collected close to a thousand recycled wine bottles to insulate all the internal walls of the home. The bottles were filled with water, sealed, and installed vertically into the wall cavities prior to plastering. This enabled a cost neutral approach to inserting thermal mass, with the aim to retain and regulate the temperature in the home.

The building also features two stunning Rammed Earth walls made with a mix of local gravel, sand and white cement, these walls are visible in the interior living space adding beautiful texture and contrast. They also serve to provide added insulation, noise control and building strength as well as fire proofing. This building also utilises uPVC windows, and 140mm thick walls (which are 50mm more than standard), both allowing for improved thermal insulation of the home.

At OCON Built we understand your desire to achieve a beautiful, efficient and sustainable home and are ready to assist.

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