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Optimus training is a recently launched local training and advisory business located in Rosny Park. It is the brainchild of the highly experienced and knowledgeable Jess Critchley and brings to Hobart a fresh approach to industry training and knowledge sharing. Optimus Training offers construction industry tailored training courses that are specifically designed to help participants expand their knowledge to ensure they and their teams are compliant with current regulations and industry standards.

There are also courses specifically designed for small business owners.  Over six sessions, Jess will work one-on-one with business owners and cover topics such as ‘finding more time’ and ‘assertive communication’ to help build confidence and skills to make meaningful and conscious change in their professional and personal lives.

Jess has worked within the construction industry for over 20 years and brings to this new business her experience, trade connections and extensive construction, business and personal knowledge.

Optimus offers a range of courses for both industry members and the home builder alike. The courses will cover legislation, council codes and personal and professional development.

The Building 101 workshop has been specifically written for the homeowner. It has a focus on helping the homeowner navigate the extensive terminology and frequently encountered questions they may encounter as they begin the process of building your dream home or undertaking a renovation.

We met with Jess Critchley recently and attended a homeowner’s session for ourselves. We were really impressed with Jess’ highly personable approach to the session. Her extensive knowledge and industry experience is evident, and the course delivers a very thorough deep dive into all the facets of home building, including how to find additional information and support along the way.


“Building 101 fills an educational void for home builders at all stages of their project. Whether they are renovating or building their dream home, this course covers all facets of what to expect from the design stage to completion. Jess’ unbiased approach and passion for sharing her knowledge makes for a fun and highly informative session. Participants will walk away having a much clearer understanding of what to expect from the build process in a way that is easily digested, even for first time project owners.” – Nathan Owen, OCON Built Director 

 Jess’ passion for sharing her knowledge and supporting both industry members and home builders alike is a welcome addition to the construction industry.

We encourage you to take a look at the courses on offer at Optimus Training today!

Tell us a bit about yourself, and how Optimus training came to fruition?

Optimus Training was created due to a gap in the market.  During my time as a practising Building Surveyor, I didn’t feel that it was enough to just give potential clients a quote for my services.  I wanted them to be prepared and well informed on the building journey they were about to undertake.  So instead of just emailing out a quote, I invited potential clients to my office and asked for an hour of their time.  For those who accepted, I went through the building process with them.  We discussed topics such as legislation and how the financial responsibility of the build rests with them and not their builder, the types of documents they would come across and much more.  I also helped to manage their expectations both emotionally and financially.  The feedback I received was extremely positive and my building surveying services were highly sought after.

Can you tell us a bit about the Home Owners course and who it is best suited to?

This course has been written for anyone who owns a home and is considering undertaking any type of construction work; and for consumers wishing to build their dream home in conjunction with their desired builder.  This course has been written in easy to understand language and is designed to be interactive.  It will step through the Tasmanian Legislation as relevant to building work, there will be an introduction to the planning and building process, different types of permits and how they work together and not separately from each other.  Clients will learn about the different professionals they are likely to be engaging, what they do and why.  There is a section about the different legislative forms and why it’s crucial that your builder books in site inspections at the right time.  There is time at the end for questions and discussion as well.  It’s two hours well spent, previous attendees have loved it.

What type of information will attendees have access to in the course?

Attendees will receive easy to understand information flyers about the building process and topics covered in the session.

Is this the only course of its type in Tasmania and can anyone attend?

Yes, I believe that it is the only type of course available in Tasmania tailored specifically for the homeowner.  It has been written specifically for the local Tasmanian construction industry.  Anyone and everyone is welcome to attend.  I encourage builders to come along and send their clients too.  My personal belief is that a properly educated client is worth their weight in gold.

Do attendees need to travel to Hobart for the course? Or,  do you offer an online option?

The course is run out of our Rosny Park office if people reside in Hobart.  There is an online option available as well.  

For more information head to: www.optrain.com.au

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